Growing client engagement for the trading desk through better data

Seize every opportunity to engage using real-time, targeted information.

In its simplest form, EPIC is a reliable & user friendly data aggregation tool built with front office users in mind. It enhances existing workflows and ensures users can take advantage of every opportunity to engage clients by leveraging real time, targeted information.

Input Driven

The system is driven by internal inputs from Sales and Trading and governed by a permission model which can be extended to other functions e.g. Sales Assistant’s / Compliance.

Database of Client Positioning

EPIC provides a database of client positions and trading history facilitate the most efficient axe targeting.

Centralised Tool

In a world were spreadsheets dominate, EPIC creates a centralised, easy to use tool to disseminate information real time across the desk and while also offering management a bird’s-eye view to understand flows real time.

What you get

Technology powered by

Coefficient Markets developed the technology and workflow solutions in partnership with Etrading Software, a London based technology and managed services firm that specialises in building and managing multiparty financial workflows and technology, across the Fixed Income Market which solve for the challenges of the existing and future state of the market.

Coefficient Markets leverages Etrading Software’s technology development, platform business management, deep knowledge and expertise of the financial markets to deliver intuitive front office solutions, that can be seamlessly tailored and scaled across asset-classes and regions, to deliver for our clients.

Key features

Bespoke Solution

A purpose built system tailored to the nature of client interactions and coveted intelligence in the loan space. ​

Support for Rapid Data Input

Designed to facilitate rapid input of client data in a user friendly, sales orientated manner.

Big Data for Analysis

All data (including history up to 10 years) can be stored in 1 database to allow continuous real time analysis and tracking.

Quick Navigation

Quick navigation between screens.
a.) Client’s interests in a deal (i.e. Holdings, Trades, Axes, Client colour
b.) All client info on 1 page

Optimized UI

Optimized user interface that gives greater control to the users and the firm and allows straight forward filtering, navigation (using links), grouping and summarization of info.

Flexible Data Integration

Flexible in design to incorporate further data streams from internal or external sources as required to give Sales and Trading the best opportunity to service their clients needs.

Client Portfolio Trading

Suggest and respond to portfolio trades directly with a single client easily through a shared interface

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